Hospital Energy, founded in 1990, leads energy procurement efforts for our nation’s healthcare organizations, with more than $1 billion in electric and natural gas contracts under management. We use unique financial analysis and RFP process to design customized energy supply products and suppliers that are a best fit for your hospital’s business objectives and culture.

First, is the matter of trust, transparency and alignment of values. We arrive at your door as a company of men and women committed to the service of others. We chose the phrase “Power to Heal” to exemplify our dedication to health care facilities and our joint mission to heal people and communities. We actively seek clients whose own standard of care allows us to perform at the highest level and for the highest good.

Our Mission

Our History Hospital Energy has created a unified marketplace for the energy goods and services that are vital to operating a modern healthcare system. The economies of scale created by this market are helping drive down hospital energy costs while simultaneously improving our environment. We work hand in hand with hospital administrations to harness the healthcare sector's culture of peer review and instill a vision that the group's members can create significant positive change by working together to achieve common energy goals. As a result of these efforts, a highly cooperative hospital energy market is emerging across the United States. Through the sheer scale of our member group, this program has commanded the attention of the nation's leading energy suppliers, financial institutions and government agencies. As a result, each sector has been willing to work with Hospital Energy, our members and each other in order to overcome the barriers that previously prevented healthcare institutions from affording necessary energy-efficiency improvements. As recently summed up by one of our health system members: “Hospitals are now realizing that by working together, we have the power to obtain lower, more stable costs, and greener energy sources to fulfill our public health mission." Learn more: Meet our senior executive team